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[1]: The hooks Robinson, Marciano, Frazier, Hagler and Mickey "The Toy Bulldog" Walker.
[2]: Hidden abilities of Willy Pep, Ali, J. C. Chavez and Salvador Sanchez.
[3]: Left and right hooks from "impossible" angles and distances.
[4]: Ripping L. uppercuts.
[5]: Uncommon but effective rights and jabs.
[6]: Feints.
[7]: Punching while side stepping.
[8]: Punching while circling right.
[9]: Retreat-countering.
[10]: Toe-to-toe roll-punching.
[11]: Combinations in motion (fast rhythm in all directions).
[12]: Unexpected switch-hitting.
[13]: Bounce-punching off the ropes.
[14]: Finishers' techs.
[15]: Survival (or how to fight when you're the weakest, the slowest, etc.) and...
[16]: Crafty moves (including solutions to 100 years old tricks) ...are taught by Jesse Rodriguez.

5 major techniques will help you create more punching angles and new strategies.

No other trainer in the world can show you even a fifth of the things shown on this series. Guaranteed.

I recommend this series to serious (I mean serious!) professional fighters and trainers. Also to amateurs (16 years old with 3 years of experience).

These videos will improve your fighting and/or any fighter's style.

"The Ring", "Boxing Digest" and "Boxing Monthly" published our ads for years. We never had any complaints about anything stated on them.

Jesse Rodriguez.

Remember... the best chapters of boxing history have yet to be written.

Remember... the best chapters of boxing history have yet to be written.

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